Build Family Traditions this Easter with this twist on the Easter Bunny

 The Easter Goodies are beginning to appear with displays of chicken and bunnies romping across pastel landscapes. If that's not enough to get you into thinking Easter, the overflowing shelves of chocolate bunnies standing in a row, with the faint smell of chocolate permeating the air, is sure to do the trick.

My family love Easter. All of it. The family time, the Easter Sunday lunch, the decorating, the egg hunt and best of all the Easter Bunny. 

This year I have pulled together some of the best ideas we have found, old and new to give the Easter Hunt a New twist. 

The March Hare

Have you ever found a bag of potatoes scattered over the lawn or perhaps carrots sticking out of the flower pots? If you have, the chances are the March Hare has been helping his cousin, the Easter Bunny. Known to be a little forgetful, the fun of the March Hare is the surprise. You can never be sure what you will find on your Easter egg Hunt.

If your children like imaginative play, they will love this hunt. It has the fun of the Easter Hunt with additional benefits of continual play all year long, then scoop up the pieces and play it again next Easter or use fresh veggies and plan a cooking spree on Easter Sunday.

You will need a selection of wooden market items from Kmart (sale price $1 per item). I like the idea of choosing which items to use.  I’m going for about 20 potatoes. I have a vision of making families of Potato Heads after the big event.

In the lead up to Easter spin a tale about the March Hare, a relative of the Easter Bunny who is helping out. The March Hare is a little forgetful and a little crazy so you can never guarantee what you will find on Easter Morning.

With no fear from the ants getting into them, the veggies can be in place the night before.

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The French Bells

If you want to control the $ spent on chocolate or at least hit the after Easter chocolate sale then this is a good one as it involves swapping chocolate for coins. If you don’t want to give up the chocolate all together , chocolate coins can be added into the mix.  Coles does a great Easter bag of coins for $1 - $2.  

There is a bonus geography lesson with this one. The Church bells in France are silent from good Friday until Easter Sunday. The story goes that the Bells fly to Rome to be blessed by the Pope and when they return they drop treats for the children. (I  interpret this as 20c coins and small eggs). The ringing of the bells on Sunday morning signals the return of the bells and the start of the Easter treasure hunt.  

The big Ball of string

This game is more of a treasure trail than a hunt. It does require a little prep, in that the trail needs to be in place before treats are left along it in the morning. 

To set up you will need a big ball (or 2) of string or ball of wool. Start at a common place like the front door and tie the end of the string to a message asking the children to follow the trail. Lay out the string through the yard, in and out of cars, over swings, wherever your imagination takes you. The idea is the children follow the string to collect the Easter treats. In the morning before the children are awake, lay treats along the string. Then the fun begins. 

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The Big Glow

Change from daytime to night time and change the whole feel of the hunt. Paint wooden eggs with Fluoro paint which glows under UV black light and have children search the house or yard. All you need is a UV blacklight torch, some wooden eggs or shapes to paint and some fluoro paint from Artpacks online. Paint the shapes, then when dry, have fun hiding and finding the shapes using the UV torch. For a simple and quick set up , fill plastic eggs with glow sticks and scatter through the garden. 


The Bilby Hunt

Add a little Aussie flavour to your Easter by swapping out the Easter Bunny for the Easter Bilby. Add some gum leaves to your decorations and generally take pride in our very own giver of chocolate. Part of the sales of chocolate Easter Bilby’s go towards the conservation of the Bilby’s natural habitat.  Join a Guided tour or gather some friends and build your own treasure hunt along a national Park trail. Instead of hunting for eggs, search for leaves, insects and other items. Draw each item as it is sighted. The only collecting is memories. Type in Walks on the National parks website for your state.



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