How do I apply for a Creative Kids Voucher?


The Creative Kids voucher scheme is open to parents/carers in NSW  with a child between the ages of 4.5 and 18 years of age. To check your eligibility go to  Apply for a Creative Kids voucher | Service NSW.

Artzee Kids is a registered provider and as such can accept creative kids vouchers as payment for our Live workshops, where the live lesson is the primary focus of our program.

To use your NSW Creative Kids Voucher to enrol in a program:

Add your voucher details to the Live session you would like to purchase. Be sure to include: 

Child's name

Child's Date of Birth xx xx xxxx

Child's Creative Kids voucher number beginning 9999 xxxx xxxx xxxx

Vouchers details must be detailed on an order for the order to be complete. Do not send a separate email or submit the details via text.

EXAMPLE: If you are claiming $300 credit, 3x NSW Creative Kids vouchers must be submitted on your order for your order to be considered complete.

Incomplete or incorrect details may result in your order being cancelled without notice. We cannot hold places for incomplete orders. Please ensure you check your email (including your junk email folder) for confirmation of your order.

Please refer to the terms and conditions for the use of NSW Creative Kids Vouchers. In summary:

  • You can order to the full value of your vouchers. 

  • Vouchers submitted as payment cannot be refunded. If for any reason, your order is cancelled and your voucher has been processed by us, we will issue a credit note. We cannot refund the voucher credit to you or transfer the credit amount to another provider.

  • Where the balance of the order is greater than the voucher credit submitted by you, your order will be suspended until such time as the full payment is made. If this is greater than 3 days, your order will be cancelled and a credit note issued. Credit notes expire on 31st December of the year in which they were issued, in line with the terms of the Creative Kids Voucher.

  • We cannot accept Active Kids vouchers (for sport) which begin with the numbers 5555. We can only accept Creative Kids Vouchers which begin 9999.